Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom tiles look crabby and cracked, and it is taking away from the overall bathroom decor. No need to fret because in this article I’ll discuss numerous ways you can get fabulous new tiling without breaking the bank. All it takes is some creativity and inspiration.

Start With the Color

When you choose bathroom tile, you want to think about the colors you’re interested in. For smaller bathrooms it is best to use lighter colored tiles as darker colored ones make the bathroom appear tinier.  However, if your bathroom is large, dark or neutral tones would work just fine.  Make sure the color complements the bathroom’s overall theme. For example, if the bathroom has a Parisian theme, you might use hues of purple and silver.

Consider Your Budget

Another thing you should think about is your budget. Ceramic tiles are the most inexpensive and they are also just as beautiful as the other types of tiles. If you’re going for something a little fancy, consider porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are water-resistant and last many years but could cost a bit more.  Research different flooring stores to compare prices of tiles and be on the lookout for sales.

Incorporate New Trends

You don’t want to create an overly trendy look regarding bathroom tiles but some new trends make for great design. If you want your bathroom to resemble a fancy hotel suite, then use metallic tiles since those are in style now.  Mixed texture tiling is also in style.

Don’t Try to DIY If You Have A Busy Schedule

While you can do the bathroom tiling yourself thanks to online video tutorials and help from experienced weekend warriors, it is not wise to take on this project if you have a hectic schedule. Instead,  hire a seasoned and reliable professional to do the work for you. Before hiring someone, research multiple companies and get a few estimates to compare. Never pay cash upfront before the work begins and read the contract thoroughly before signing it.

Measure Before You Buy

Tiles are often sold in boxes so it gets confusing to know which size works the best for your bathroom. Measure your space as accurately as possible so that you won’t install tiles that might not fit too well, which would be a waste of money and time.

Grout Needs to Match Tiling

You also want the right kind of grout to go with your tiling, and to find this out you can speak with your contractor to determine this.

In conclusion, with these tips your bathroom will look fabulous for years to come.




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