How You Can Contribute to Magazines Regularly

Are you a writer who is currently interested in creating multiple streams of income? Do you maintain personal blogs but struggle to monetize them? Are you an expert in a certain niche of writing and want to do more in it? If this sounds like you then you should consider working as a contributor to different magazines.

Research Target Audience of Magazine

Before you prepare query letters, it’s important that you understand the target audience of the magazine you want to subscribe to. For example, if you’re interested in contributing to a wine industry magazine, you would read some sample articles on their website and see which topics have already been covered.

Get the Right Contact Information

Another thing you must do is obtain the right contact information. You can find the name of the magazine’s managing editor on the magazine’s website and if there are multiple editors, call and find out the person who you should send the query letter to.

Prepare Your Pitch

Now you are ready to pitch ideas to the editor. Talk about your background briefly and then proceed with the idea you have. Mention why this idea is unique and how you intend to write the article. Also discuss why the article will be of benefit to the readers.

Images are Essential

Depending on which magazine you write for, it would be in your best interest to include relevant pictures along with the article you send. For example, if you’re writing about the plight of homeless families in the inner city, you would include photos of the persons you interview for the article.

Be Open to Feedback from Editor

Once you turn in your article to the editor, he reviews it and this could take a few days. He might respond with a request for small or large revisions, and you shouldn’t take this personally. The editor is doing this because he wants to ensure that the article is of high quality.

These steps can help you land gigs at diverse publications. If you’re new to magazine writing, it helps to start out with small and independent publications. As you get more clips and experience, you can move on to bigger ones.


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