Don’t Settle for a Drab Business Website. Upgrade it With These Tips

Every business needs an effective and visually appealing website and if your site is not getting enough traffic or exposure, it might be time to give it a makeover. Here is how you can do it.

Include More Relevant Keyword-Based Headings

This is important because online viewers are not interested in searching too long within your site’s content to get the information they need. This also makes the content on the site appear attractive and organized.

Calls to Action

Your business website needs this as a way to entice viewers to contact your business to purchase services. You can include demo videos, signup forms for your company’s mailing list, or a live chat feature that lets potential customers ask questions about what you offer.

Unleash the Power of Testimonials

Former and current customers’ testimonials add credibility to your business website and this is one of the best ways to convince potential customers that your company has what they need.

Make the Website Mobile Friendly

Since a growing number of people browse business websites on their phones, it is wise to make your website mobile friendly. Hire a web designer who specializes in responsive web design to carry out this task for you. This could increase your site’s traffic greatly.

Get into Social Sharing

Another thing that will improve your website is the placement of social share buttons near the top or bottom of your site. Social media is a major avenue by which people learn about businesses so you should get in on the action and watch your site’s popularity grow.

Boost the Images

While you shouldn’t overload your website with images, readers are attracted to relevant and high quality images and you should include them on certain pages within the site. For example, you might include images of recent award presentations that you received on the About Us page. Or you could include photos of your bestselling products on the home page.

Blog Your Expertise

Another great way to improve your business website is to maintain a regular and informative blog that establishes you as an expert in your industry. If you own a plus size modeling agency, write a blog that deals with plus size fashion and how your agency promotes acceptance of diverse body topics.

These strategies can make your website more effective and increase search engine traffic.


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