Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony With these Creative Ideas

I will not be a bride anytime soon, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about what kind of wedding I want. I always dreamed of a vintage style wedding that reflects either the Roaring Twenties or the bohemian look of the 60s. If you are getting married soon, there are countless ways to personalize your wedding and make it memorable. Here are a few ideas

Discuss Your Journey to the Altar

In the middle of the ceremony before you say your vows, use this time to give a beautiful synopsis of how the two of you decided to become a married couple. Talk about your partner’s emotional and spiritual qualities that you like the most and mention some of the best times you enjoyed as a couple.

Set Up A Candy Bar

We know that the wedding cake is often the star of the reception but if the two of you are both candy lovers, ditch the cake and set up a huge candy bar. If you have a retro wedding theme, you can serve old school candies such as Bit O Honeys, Chick a Sticks, Red Hots, Sugar Daddies, and Mike and Ikes.

Wear Your Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

If your grandmother is still alive, pay tribute to her influence on your life by wearing her wedding dress down the aisle. You can have the dress tailored and altered to make sure it fits you right. You can also add small embellishments to the front of the dress such as pearls and rhinestones.

Go for a Regional Theme

You can also incorporate the region you grew up in as a way of personalizing your wedding. For example, if you grew up in the Pacific Northwesr, use nature based decor at the reception hall. Examples include mini artificial pine trees, paintings of popular lakes from this region and glass vases filled with neutral toned flowers and fall leaves.

Well Wishes from Future Stepchildren

If you are becoming a blended family, have the future stepchildren write their well wishes on decorative sheets of paper and then after you say your vows, the children can walk up to the two of you and recite their words of encouragement and gratitude.

With these ideas, you will add pizzazz and creativity to your wedding planning.


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