How You Can Reduce Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is not a pleasant thing and it’s especially difficult when you are not sure how to keep this from happening. One thing you can do is cut back on hair relaxers and coloring treatments as these dry your hair out over time, leading to breakage. Another idea is to not wash your hair too frequently because it strips your hair of the natural oils needed to keep your scalp moist. Here are other ways to reduce hair breakage.

Don’t brush your hair while wet because it causes tangles that will be difficult to eliminate. As a result, your hair will break off eventually. It is better to blow-dry or air-dry your hair then brush gently. Before brushing your hair, apply some serum, moisturizing hair lotion or light grease.

Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment every few weeks as this helps keep your scalp clean and it retains the hair’s natural oils. Mayonnaise and olive oil can be combined to use for your deep conditioning, but there are numerous all-natural leave-in conditioners that work well too.

You can’t maintain healthy hair without trimming split ends. This is important because when split ends are not removed, they grow up the hair shaft and this leads to widespread hair breakage.

Another thing you should do is cut down on heat styling tool usage. You can use them in moderation but when you do it too much, hair breakage could occur. Instead of curling your hair with the curling iron, try putting big rollers in your hair while wet and then taking them out for a few hours.

Make sure you drink plenty of water since this hydrates your skin. Your hair is a part of your skin and therefore it needs the right nutrients. Also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and take vitamins daily.

These neat tips can reduce breakage and give you healthier hair.



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