Ideas for a Smart Home

A smart home is one that is energy-efficient and that makes home life more convenient for families. Having a smart home also reduces utility bills depending on which appliances you use in the home. As society transitions towards more sustainable living, there seems to be a rise in smart homes nationwide. Here are some ideas for a smart home.

WiFi Thermostat

Not all smart homes have this but a WiFi thermostat would be a part of this kind of home. These thermostats can be accessed through your computer or smartphone so you can set the temperature for your home while you’re in the car or at work.

Devices That Turn Off Appliances

Perhaps the smartest way to be energy efficient is to unplug all appliances and electronics but for the times when you’re not able to do so, you can buy devices that allow you to turn off the appliances that are plugged in while you’re not home. Some of these devices also come with an app and the device would be linked to a WiFi router.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic semi-automatic vacuum cleaners are pricey but they fit well in a smart home. Perhaps it’s because you can schedule the times you want the vacuum cleaner to come on whether you are home or not. According to some consumer reviews, the Roomba in particular is a neat brand of this kind of vacuum cleaner. I hate vacuuming so I should consider this.

Dropcam Pro

Smart homes are all about top security and the Dropcam Pro provides this. It is a sizeable camera that you install in a room then you would download the app that corresponds with the camera. Once you do this you’ll know what is happening in the area you’re monitoring.

Smart homes are great for making things easier and with these ideas, your home will be efficient for months or years to come.




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