Ways You Can Add The Eclectic and Eccentric to Your Fall Decor

For my fall decor this year, I don’t want to do things the standard way. I’m all about eclectic and eccentric decor this fall because it reflects a little of my personality. Fall is an excellent season for this kind of decorating because stores are selling diverse decorative items and thanks to fall arts and crafts festivals, you can find eclectic and eccentric pieces to use in your home. Here is how you can pull off eclectic fall decor in your home.

Music Sheet Designed Tablecloth

In the dining room take a break from the usual solid colored tablecloth and instead add pizzazz with a music sheet themed tablecloth. Purchase a large tablecloth along with some music sheets from a music supply store. Lay out the tablecloth on a hard surface and staple or glue the music sheets all over it. The tablecloth can be in a fall color such as burnt orange, teal or maroon. Once you made the music sheet tablecloth, place it on the table and then you can decorate it by putting mini pumpkins with gold and silver glitter on them.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be placed in any room in the house and you can put all kinds of decorative items. If your living room has a nature based theme, you can place wooden sticks from outside, painted leaves, fresh veggies from the garden and metallic gold or silver garland in these baskets. Hang the baskets over the mantel or just above the living room sofa. This gives your room a cozy touch.

Bamboo Bracelet Napkin Holders

Do you have some beaded bamboo bracelets that you no longer wear? Then why not turn these into napkin holders. All you have to do is neatly fold or roll your decorative napkins and then wrap and secure them with the bamboo bracelets. This adds a neat touch to your fall decor while reusing what you have.

Autumn Tree

You would use the same kind of tree as you would for Christmas, but you are using autumn-themed ornaments. On the autumn tree place orange painted pine cones, small clear bags filled with candy corn, hanging cornstalks, long strings of white and burgundy beads across the front and top of the tree, and ornaments that resemble turkeys, cornucopias and apples.

Fall is an amazing time for you to give your home a makeover so that it will look fabulous for yourself, your family and guests that come to your home. With these inexpensive ideas, your home will be cozy for the season.


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