Organizing Your Home With Items You Already Have

If you need to organize your home better but are not able to buy storage items, you can use what you have to get better storage. This also helps you declutter because the things you no longer need now serve more efficient purposes. Here are some ideas for doing this.

Make Use of Unused Space

One of the best ways to organize a home is to make use of unused space in different rooms. For example, if you have a few empty cabinets in the kitchen, use these to store your spices, boxed goods and canned goods. Or if you have some old storage bins in the attic, you can use these to store your holiday decorations if there are no other areas in the house to place them.

Don’t Throw Those Canisters Away!

You buy canisters of food a lot and now you are wondering how you can reuse them for storage. The old coffee canisters can be used to store your baby girl’s hairpieces. Decorate the canister by wrapping a medium sized fabric piece around the outer section of the canister, and then you can paste beads and small pictures of the baby on the fabric. Another way to reuse canisters is to organize your tech stuff such as USB drives, phone chargers, kids’ gadgets and other items.

Utilize the Old Milk Jugs

There are countless ways to use milk jugs to organize your home. If you have some leftover chicken stock or homemade gravy that you want to use at a later time, wash out the old milk jugs and pour these liquids into them. Then place the jugs in your deep freezer. This reduces the clutter in your refrigerator.

Shoeboxes Come in Handy Too

Another great idea for organizing your home is by using old shoeboxes. If you have a lot of family photos that you won’t frame for another few months, you can take two or three large shoeboxes and store these in your bedroom closet. If you have some decorative shoeboxes, use these to store your hair supplies. Then place the boxes in the bathroom cabinet under the sink.

Don’t Forget Old Jars

Jars are excellent for home organization. For example, instead of taking your sugar and flour out of bags each day, pour these into large jars you already have at home. Stick a measuring cup in each of the jars and label the outside of the jar.

These ideas are cost-effective and simple methods of keeping your home organized.



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