Good Side Hustles for the Recently Unemployed

Whether you were fired or laid off or if you quit, it becomes scary when you’re recently unemployed because you don’t know how you are going to stay financially stable until you land another steady job. Instead of using this time to mope about what happened, you can look into profitable side hustles that help you pay bills in the meantime.

For those who love to write, consider freelance writing. Gone are the days when your main option of breaking into this field was through sending multiple query letters by snail mail. Thanks to the Internet it’s possible to create multiple streams of income through writing. Start a blog then submit a link to this blog when you apply for gigs through online content sites. You can also write and publish ebooks for profit.

If you can’t get enough of pictures then you  should become a freelance photographer. Research the average rates that photographers charge in your area and determine which kind of photography you want to specialize in. Also submit some of your photos to stock photo websites for extra cash.

Clutter can leave your home when you sell your unwanted items online. Be sure to set fair prices that will also help you earn adequate money from the venture. Another idea is to hold weekly garage sales if you have too many items that take up space in your home.

Homeschooling families sometimes need teachers to cover subjects that the parents are not too skilled in. You can contact your state homeschooling association, homeschooling families who attend your church and homeschool co-ops in your area to locate potential clients. Once you meet the clients discuss the subjects you can teach and how often you can visit them during the week.

If you just earned a masters degree and in the process of looking for a long term teaching job, you can work as a part-time professor at a community college since they don’t require a doctorate degree to teach there. The pay is not very high but you can maintain a decent lifestyle with careful budgeting.

So with these and other side hustles, you can create extra income while seeking a permanent position. Utilize your friends, family and social media to promote yourself and maintain a positive attitude.





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