Why Parents Should Not Treat Their Kids As Best Buddies

We now live in a society where young persons do not respect authority as much as they did in decades past. There are situations in which some parents live in fear of their children because the kids are acting out violently against them. One main reason for this is because too often parents are treating their kids as best friends rather than persons who must show parents respect. We may think that by not setting boundaries we are loving our kids but the opposite is true. Kids need and even want to know that boundaries are set because this is real proof of their parents’ love for them. We become careless parents whenever we let the kids disrespect and disobey us without discipline.

Part of this is because as parents we want our kids to love us and see us as someone they can trust and admire. But what we fail to understand is that our primary job is to train children to be mature, responsible and productive people in life. And when we don’t correct bad behavior we hinder their growth emotionally and spiritually.

This is also the case when we step in a lot in order for our children to not have to fail or suffer consequences for their actions. Life is filled with failures and disappointments and we must teach children to learn from adversity so that they can be resilient as adults.

As our children become adults and lead their own lives, then we can become more like a friend to them but it’s still important that they respect you as the parent even if the dynamics of the relationship change. You can offer advice and sometimes stern warnings if you think they are going down the wrong path but as adults the decision is up to them.

I’m a new mother and admittedly I’m a softie at heart. I will need to develop thick skin and not be afraid to discipline my child if it becomes necessary. I have a tendency to spoil and indulge my child so I will have to be tough and be the authority figure. The discipline I give her will prepare her for well rounded adulthood.


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