Ten Advantages of Bible Based Homeschooling

If you’re a Christian parent you know the importance of training your children in such a way that he will know biblical truths and eventually become a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. Christians recognize the fact that the public school system isn’t very friendly towards biblical truths and one of the best ways to provide your child with a Bible based education is to homeschool them with Bible based curriculum. This is important if you want your children to maintain a biblical worldview. Here are ten advantages of Bible based homeschooling.

1. individualized and Specialized Instruction

One advantage of Bible based homeschooling is that the parents can give their children an individualized education that is specific to the children’s spiritual and academic well being. Each child learns differently and as a parent you understand their learning styles well.

2. Better Bonding Time With Family

When your children attend public schools, they spend at least eight hours away from you and possibly even more hours if you and your spouse work. When one parent stays home and homeschools the children, the time the children have with family increases. This means more biblical instruction being given to the children.

3. Children Learn to Be Critical Thinkers

Another benefit of Bible based homeschooling is that it allows them to be critical thinkers and differentiate between what is a biblical worldview and what is a worldly point of view that doesn’t honor God. The children are taught to analyze various issues and belief systems in light of the Scriptures.

4. Free Time Is for Learning

In most public schools free time is used for playing outside or doing activities in the classroom that are not always of benefit to the children. When homeschooling takes place you can bring your child to educational places such as the local library, museums, children’s art classes, and religious services. You can also have the children give input into which learning materials would work the best for them.

5.  Children Develop Healthy Self Image

Many children suffer from bullying and at times misunderstanding from the teachers and with homeschooling the children learn that their real worth comes from who they are in Christ. Children who are homeschooled can learn about God’s unconditional love for them and this makes them confident as adults.

6.  Less Temptation to Deal With

This is not to say that homeschooled children will never face or even give in to some sinful temptations, but when parents choose Bible based homeschooling, they are protecting their children against much of the immoral ways of secular society that are sometimes promoted in public schools. Christian parents can teach the children about morality according to biblical truths.

7.Ability to Be Around Other Believers

In some cases parents who homeschool their children will likely meet up with other Christian parents and children and this leads to new and fulfilling friendships for the children. Since the children are likely to be believers, they can be around people who can encourage them in their spiritual growth.

8. Mom Can Fulfill Her Role Better

According to Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman is one who especially takes on the role of instruction of her children in the ways of God and this is difficult to do if she works outside the home. Homeschooling allows the mother to fulfill her role better while still having financial stability in the home with the father’s income.

9. Society Benefits From It

Some people think Christians are anti-government but in fact the Bible commands Christians to be law abiding citizens according to Romans 13. When parents teach their children a proper understanding of citizenship, they’ll naturally be productive leaders, business owners, employees and citizens as adults.

10.  Children Receive Heritage of Faith

The best thing about Bible based homeschooling is that the parents can pass on their faith to the next generation, and this is what God desires of Christian parents. In light of these reasons, it makes sense to offer this kind of homeschooling.


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