Get Unconventional With Your Job Search

Sure you can always mail out paper resumes randomly or apply to dozens of online job postings, these two methods alone are no longer enough to get you hired. You will need to network like you mean it and seek out new resources in order to get the job you want. This calls for unconventional and sometimes uncomfortable ways to look for work. Here are some tips.

Don’t just attend professional conferences, inquire about speaking there on the topics that you’re an expert on. Create a detailed resume about the background you’re in and discuss any speeches you’ve done in the past. Join organizations that frequently sponsor conferences and present any published work you’ve done on the topic you want to speak to audiences about.

Post a video of yourself on social media websites as a way of seeking work. Dress professionally for your video and make the video five to ten minutes long. Talk about which industry and position you’re interested in and discuss why you’re qualified in specific ways. Have someone view the video before it goes public.

Submit ideas to the companies you’re interested in on a regular basis. The ideas you submit must be original and in line with the overall mission of the company. This requires research but it will be worth it when the hiring manager starts to notice how good your ideas are and possibly contact you about an interview.

Another idea is to write profiles of the companies you’re interested in on your blog. Do detailed research prior to writing the profiles and in the posts mention why those companies would be great places to work. If the companies see your posts they might contact you.

Offer to volunteer your services at the company you want to work for. This is a common yet still unconventional way to find work. It shows that you’re dedicated to proving yourself before you’re asked to interview with the manager. Check out the dynamics of the company and ask questions.

If you’re interested in a creative job such as graphic design, post your work on photo sharing sites such as Pinterest. Create a board of your designs and give it a professional title.This would also apply to aspiring photographers.

Create some apps that would make others’ lives easier. You may not think that this has anything to do with looking for work but actually you create your own job with this method. As more people benefit from and enjoy your apps, you’ll get noticed by some of the independent tech startups and you could be asked to work on apps for them.

In conclusion, if you think outside the traditional molds for seeking jobs, things might turn out great. You’ll be scared to do it at first but in time you’ll become comfortable with it.


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