Enliven Your Home Office With Brand New Decor

My bedroom is my home office and this is because my work desk is situated on the side of my bed and when I want to work on the computer, I just make my bed to make it look presentable then I sit up on the bed and get started. My room/home office will get even more crowded as I prepare for my little one to enter the world and my arms next month so I’ll add nursery to the mix. There are advantages to this one-room-fits-all setup but for many of you, the home office is in a separate space in the home such as the garage, your garden shed or the basement. If you’re tired of looking at the same dull looking home office, here are ways to enliven it.

Paint your walls a nice and relaxing or bold color depending on your preference. Bland white or beige walls sometimes take the inspiration out of your work in the home office and a touch of color adds creativity to the space. If you’re really bold you can paint a mural or checkerboard pattern on the walls.

Make sure the storage in your home office is adequate so that you will not have clutter in it. Purchase some print patterned storage bins that complement the wall colors and organize your office items in them. Place the storage bins a few inches away from your computer desk but not too far where you’ll have to get up and take things from the bins.

Lighting is important in a home office but it doesn’t have to be boring. Install a Tiffany style chandelier on the ceiling or if you have a contemporary themed home office, you can install recessed or track lighting. Decorative pendant lights also add flair to your home office.

Plants add a wonderful touch to the home office so it’s a good idea to purchase one or two indoor plants to place near the entrance of the home office. Look for plants with big green or other colored flowers on them.

Put up some fun artwork on the walls of your home office. For example, if you love all things 1940s, you can visit the flea market and buy 1940s posters and frame them for hanging. Another idea is to hang up pictures of memorable times you enjoyed with your family or with colleagues at work. This makes your space not too formal.

Your home office is your private space but the decor should be done in such a way thang in it.t you’ll enjoy worki


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