Non Material Gifts You Can Give Your Parents

Whether it’s your parents’ birthday or Christmas, we tend to think that beautiful store bought or handmade gifts are the best we can give our parents but this is not the case. In this article I’ll talk about non material gifts that you can give your parents at anytime of the year and not just for special occasions.

Asking Them for Advice

Young people sometimes like to think that they have life figured out but the truth is that our parents experienced a lot more than we did and we would do well to heed their advice if we want to succeed in all areas of life. Start by asking questions about their younger years and it’s a guarantee that your parents are going to talk about the life lessons they learned along the way.

Preparing A Big Meal for Them

Nothing warms your parents’ hearts than preparing their favorite meals for them. If your father enjoys broiled steak with gravy and mashed potatoes, fix this for him when you visit during the week. Or if your mother’s favorite dessert is pumpkin cheesecake, make your own version of it. After you serve them, sit and ask about how things are going with them.

Clean And Organize Your Parents’ Home

If your parents work during the week but you live by yourself, call your parents and ask if you can come to their home and clean and organize it for them while they’re away at work. Have your parents leave a list of chores that you can do for the day and let your children help you with the tasks.

Hang Out In Their Garden

For those whose parents spend a lot of time in the garden, do some gardening with them because the best gift to them is when you start to show an interest in the things they enjoy. You can take some of the fruits and vegetables to bring home and cook for your spouse and children.

Become A More Mature And Well Rounded Person

How many times have parents complained about the immaturity of their adult children? One of the best gifts you can give your parents is the desire to mature as an adult. Decide on a career goal and dedicate yourself to completing it. Make an effort to be responsible for your finances and establish a healthy long term relationship that could lead to marriage and family. This will make your parents proud.

In conclusion, the best gifts to your parents are not just the sentimental cards, gadgets or jewelry although these make great gifts. Sometimes the best gifts are those that come out of a sincere heart of love and appreciation for your parents.

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