Bet You Didn’t Know This About Those Beautiful Babies

I don’t have children but I would like to start a family one day and while researching ideas for my blog, I came across some interesting facts about babies. I see this blog post as my way of understanding how babies operate on a regular basis.

The baby’s eyes are 75% of a grown up’s eyes and as they become toddlers they develop 20/20 vision. A baby also has 10,000 taste buds and babies have 300 bones at birth, which is more than the adults. It appears that newborns do quite a bit of urinating because they urinate every 20 minutes and by the way did you know that Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Pablo Picasso and Winston Churchill entered the world as preemies?

Here in the United States more babies are born on Wednesday than other days of the year and it appears that midsummer is the peak time for births. I guess plenty of babymaking was going on in the late fall and winter months for the past few decades. I was born in September so my parents were romancing during early winter. Someone told me that raising a child is expensive and at 33 years old I want to be in a good place to take care of one. This is because on average it costs $7000 to take care of a new baby’s material needs.

In ancient Europe, it was believed that misbehaving babies acted this way because the mother’s breast milk was of low quality. Too bad Similac and other types of infant milk formulas weren’t around to compensate for this kind of breast milk.

In conclusion, babies are interesting people and they really are cute to gaze at. At the same, all babies deserve loving homes where the parents will care for them the right way and where they’ll be allowed to grow and develop properly.

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