Do You Need A Technology Vacation?

I grew up in the 1980s when MTV videos were all the rage and when a lot of little ones like myself enjoyed stimulating video games such as PacMan and Atari. But nowadays I’m a single woman in my early 30s and I’m amazed at how wired we are as a society. I rarely see anyone on the street without their cell phone or earphones and the iPad opened up a new world to us with the thousands of apps that are being developed every few weeks. This made me think about the loss of real communication in our world today. I get a little ticked off when I see two or more friends sitting in the mall or restaurant but they send texts to each other instead of having facetime. As a radio DJ I love it when I play the music and I hear the actual voices of people in the community who enjoy what they hear and who want to buy it themselves. You can’t get this with Internet radio. Overall I think a technology vacation would do us good and here are a few technology-free activities.

1. Sit With Your Spouse in The Dark And Kiss For A Long Time

Marriages would benefit greatly from increased physical affection so if it’s nighttime and the kids are asleep, set the mood for a romantic night by having a lengthy kissing session. This is a sexy way to get unplugged and get back to romancing each other.

2. Do Some Gardening

Gardening is a great way to relieve stress but it saves you money on buying produce at the store. The best time to plant is during late winter through early spring and depending on where you live, there are certain crops that would grow the best in your yard. If this is your first time gardening, purchase some instructional books or call a relative who understands gardening. When you harvest the crops, you can preserve them in canning jars for long term storage.

3. Have An Outdoor Party With Friends

Come up with a fun theme for the outdoor party that will appeal to your friends and then call them to discuss the party. For example, if you’re having a country western themed party, prepare traditional barbecue and other Southern influenced dishes such as barbecued ribs, hush puppies and potato salad. Play some fun games with the friends for prizes and put on some upbeat music.

4. Write Letters To Your Parents

If your parents live out of town, you can write letters to them to find out how things are going with them and to express to them your gratitude for the way they loved and raised you. Also in the letter discuss your plans to visit them in the future and include photos of yourself in the same envelope as the letter.

5. Read Some Good Books

With the rise of ebook readers such as Amazon Kindle and Nook, it seems that traditional book reading is not as in style as it was in decades past but there are still some bibliophiles who want to read the actual books rather than the online versions. Spend a few hours in the library and check out books of different genres to diversify your knowledge of certain topics.

6. Visit The Prisons And Hospitals

There is something about visiting the imprisoned and ill that gives you a sense of gratification and responsibility, and you can learn to empathize with the less fortunate by doing this. When you go on visitations, you want to ask about their lives before entering prison or becoming ill because this gives you an idea of their lives overall.

7.  Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Internet surfing can be a time waster if you neglect the care of your home. Spend a day cleaning each room in the house and put on fun music while cleaning. When your home is clean you’ll be proud of yourself and you’ll have less stress when visitors come to your home.

8. Sit With Your Kids in The Backyard And Joke Around

If you work from home its easy to get so caught up in your assignments that you don’t think about what is more important. Kids need your time so every few hours you can give your work a break and take the kids in the backyard where all of you can enjoy homemade snacks and joke around. These are things your kids will remember for years.




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