Home Based Business Ideas for Single Moms

For single moms who wish to be at home more with their children, there are numerous options available for you to start a home based business. The key is figuring out what you enjoy the most and using that passion to create a fruitful business that will be financially stable for you and your children.

Start A Line of All Natural Fruit Preserves

If you’re skilled in canning fruits, you can start a home based fruit preserves business where you would create fruit preserves of different flavors, can and package them, and sell them to neighbors to get started. You should still keep your regular job because you’ll need the income to pay regular bills and fund your new business’s expenses. Seek business grants from local nonprofit business organizations and you can also visit local stores to hold demos of your products.

Offer Music Lessons

Musically gifted single moms can also start a home business by holding music lessons in their homes during the week. Purchase bulk music theory books for your clients to bring home so that they can practice what they learned and tell friends and relatives about your lessons so that you’ll get more clients. Offer discounts throughout the year to clients and you can offer further assistance by helping them build their music careers through counseling and getting them in competitions.

Online Tutoring Business

If you have a teaching background you can build an online tutoring website and offer your expertise to students of all ages. If you’re interested in niche tutoring, you may decide to specialize in tutoring only college students or adults who are getting their GEDs. Advertise your tutoring business by posting comments on educational forums and leaving links to your tutoring website. On the website mention the subjects you specialize in and offer other services such as essay revisions.

Multicultural Themed Children’s Books

Our society has gotten more diverse in recent decades and this should be reflected in children’s books. Help the world appreciate diversity by writing and publishing children’s books that are targeted towards children of different ethnicities. Before writing the books you should research the cultures that you will base the books on so that they’ll appear authentic to the readers. You don’t have to go through a major publishing house nowadays because there are companies that help writers publish books themselves and market them to the public. Attend seminars for writers because you will learn the technical and legal side of book publishing.

In conclusion, the opportunities are endless for single moms who wish to have home businesses. The key is to have a confident attitude and get help from others to fund your goals. Another option is to utilize crowdfunding sites where you would present your idea to the site’s members and then they would contribute to the funding. Finally, you should keep track of your business expenses and always look for new ways of providing services.


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