Whatever Happened To Gratitude?

It seems that we’re living in a time when we show less empathy and gratitude than we did in decades past. We see this in the bratty behavior of children who get into a shouting and sometimes insulting argument with their parents who will not give them what they want on a whim. We see ingratitude among friendships when one friend tends to mooch off the other friend without even contributing equally to the friendship. There is ingratitude within marriages and this happens in several ways. One spouse feels she carries much of the financial and household burdens while her spouse seems to care less and in fact makes even more demands on the burdened spouse. I sometimes wonder what happened to basic gratitude in our world.

I think about the gardener who comes to homes to make the yards look beautiful but most of the credit for this hard work would go towards the homeowner. There is the janitor who makes businesses look clean and organized but our society does not see it as a real job. We have the sanitation workers who collect our waste each week but we don’t see their work as valuable. We should show equal gratitude to those in even the most mundane job professions and not just the high powered positions.

When we show gratitude, we exhibit humility in our lives and we show others that life is not just about us. As a society we have become self absorbed and there are disadvantages to this attitude. We lose out on meaningful relationships when we fail to show gratitude and it is also something that parents should pass on to their children. For example, if your child received birthday presents, have him write thank you postcards to each person as a way of showing thankfulness.

In conclusion, we need to show gratitude as often as possible towards our loved ones and those who made a difference in our lives because this helps us grow into mature persons and it gives us fewer reasons to complain about our own lives because we’re spending so much time thanking others.




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